In March 2014, SITA took an important decision: to become more responsible and ecofriendly. To our team, it was essential to adapt our habits and behaviors in order to preserve our environment.

Sita more responsible and ecofriendly

The Sita's garden, peaceful place in Pondicherry, with a mango tree and flowers. We created a compost here.In March 2014, SITA took an important decision: to become more responsible and ecofriendly. To our team, it was essential to adapt our habits and behaviors in order to preserve our environment. Under the impulsion of both Fleur and our trainee, Eco-SITA was born.We receive you in our house, our place. In order to keep it pleasant and welcoming we wash it every day. After two years of activity, we faced this conclusion: keeping clean and safe our house induce environmental and financial costs. For ethical reasons, we decided to change our habits: we banned industrial cleaning products. It is important to underline that traditional products are full of petrochemical components and perfumes, and their containers are made of plastic. After months of research and tests, we are proud to say that we finally found ecological alternatives to the old household products. Today, our housecleaner makes her own recipes every day, with white vinegar, bicarbonate, water and essential oils! This is safer, it doesn’t pollute and we save money! If you’ve got any idea or useful personal recipe, share it with us!

Another essential point in our ethical policy is our consumption. First, we have educated our staff to understand how important it is to take care of our resources. In that way, to decrease our electricity consumption, we don’t have any AC installation, are using low energy light bulbs and are taking care of switching the light while leaving a room.

Our teacher Manisha cutting tomatoes and coriander for our Indian cooking classConsidering the paper’s theme: we banished our printer from SITA’s house, for less temptation! In SITA, we use both sides of paper sheets, for draft. When we need to print something, we make it just-in-time. We make sure to cover only our needs, nothing superfluous. Moreover, when you receive a massage, we are only using clothe sheets, no more tissue sheets: it’s comfortable and ecofriendly!

We took the habit to classify our trash: green garbage, papers, plastic… There is no official service in Pondicherry which treats this waste. We are still looking for a solution for our plastic bottles! If you have one, let us know!When you start trying to improve your daily life and environmental impact, you have to face your way of treating garbage. In SITA, we work on two aspects: green garbage mostly produced during our Indian cooking class, and plastic bottles. Indian recipes are mostly vegans: we’ve got a lot of green waste. In 2014, we tried to create a compost. We built a compost heap. First, we sort the waste, then we re-use green garbage for the garden. Our next step is to create a kitchen garden with herbs.

An eco-tourism project

Moreover, we try to involve you in our crusade for a responsible life. We developed an eco-tourism project: we offer you our Pondy Cycle tour. At the very morning, let’s make a bike tour in town. It induces no pollution, our activity have no impact on environment.

Vintage cycles used during our morning activity, Pondy Cycle tour in Pondicherry

We are all involved in this ecofriendly process, unless there are some limits to our desire of having the smallest impact in our environment. We’re still looking for solutions to recycle water and plastic, and we need more funds to buy an electric scooter for our employee’s inner-city travels! Together, let’s have an intensive green experience!

Stay tuned! We prepare new green activities and we’ll share it with you here. Some new articles are coming soon!



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